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Are you feeling the following?

• Grief • Helplessness • Pressure • Fear • Confusion • Overwhelmed • Hurt • Anger

Life is full of sudden unexpected crisis, setbacks, and calamities. During such times, there’s no greater comfort than knowing that Jesus is truly with you.  As the disciple Peter cried out to the Lord to save him from the tempestuous sea, (Matthew 14:30) Jesus is still standing by, waiting for you to call on him to rescue you from your storm sea.  Come and experience power-based Bible classes, exposing the will of God to faithful believers, designed to add power to your life.

A Need for Community

We all have a need for “dependency,” because we never actually out grow our need to depend on others; it is human nature.  We depend on people everyday to process, produce and deliver our daily food to us, people whom we will probably never meet in our lifetime.  When most of us cried as a child, someone came to see about us, and we are still in need of someone to tell us that everything will be okay.  The point is all of us have a need for community, and that is why God deemed that the Lord’s Church would be a community of believers, who would believe in “the one” who will provide all of our needs, God.

Come Experience God’s Amazing Grace

All of us have made mistakes in life, which is what makes God’s grace so amazing!  Hence, everyone is accepted in the Lord’s Kingdom, because Jesus died that we all might be forgiven of our sins.  Come and help us spread God’s ideas about his grace and mercy, and unconditional love for everyone.  If we have faith in Christ Jesus, there’s hope for every Christian of the resurrection of the dead. 

God Has a Place for You in His House!

Eugene Peterson once said that everyone has a story. “A story begins, it has a middle, and ends.  Everything has a point, it has meaning; nothing is irrelevant.  Each character, however minor, plays a part.”  Likewise, we all have a story that can play a role in God’s story.  No matter where you are in life, God is looking for those who will allow him to use them in his grand scheme called redemption. 

Bible Study


Study the Bible With Us!

It is our belief that we are people of “the Book.”  That is, we pride ourselves as being a group that follows the Bible as close as we can, the Bible alone, without human written creed-books or such.  We invite and encourage you to come and study with us in our mid-week Bible studies.  Through such studies, we provide a space for everyone to ask Bible questions and receive Bible answers; questions regarding God’s will, our ills, and eternal salvation.  We want all of Atlanta to know that regardless of life’s questions, there is “a word from the Lord!” 

Children and Young Adult Bible Studies

We currently provide youth programs that include teaching materials for small children to enjoy and learn the Bible’s eternal messages.  We offer teenage Bible classes that address the pressures that they may secretly face from their peers.  We want to “reintroduce” faith to the next generation by interjecting the teachings of Jesus into the everyday conversations of our youth.  We want this millennial generation to know that God is the answer to all of their questions, and that Jesus wants to use their gifts, voices, and creativity to build up his kingdom.